Thursday, March 12, 2009

Project proposal

Theme: Games

Name: Hopper


By the end of the project, students should be able to:

  1. Develop students’ creativity
  2. Exposure to gears function
  3. Learn and understand about how to program the NXT as needed
  4. Understand about how to stabilize the robot building structure
  5. Identify the main part that involve to move the robot
  6. Improve students’ problem solving skills
  7. understanding the ultrasonic sensor
  8. identify the suitable distance to trace obstacles

Problem Statement:

We were required to build an example student project with the robotics equipment including all necessary programming. Regarding the task, we have decided to choose “Game” as our theme and we have came out with the idea creating “Hooper”. The reason of choosing this theme is as a way to attract students’ to learn robotic in fun way. This robot move around by hooping. Instead of using tires to move the robot, we replace it with gears and leg to move. This robot also equipped by ultrasonic sensor so that it could avoid obstacles while moving. The functions of this robot is it tries to "see" walls and other obstacles before running into them, and then turns its centre leg 90 degrees determine which direction looks the best to turn. Student could also reset the ultra sonic sensor to certain distance of tracing the obstacles. As for students’ enhancement, they could improve the building structure of the robot so it will be more stabilize while moving around. As for conclusion, students not only will having fun with the “Hooper” who hop around, but they also will learn and explore how to manipulate gears and motors to move the robot instead of using tires.

Final idea for the project

Finally, we have decided the idea robot we want to create for our project which is 'Hopper'. The inspiration for the idea is because we think young children always want to play even in the classroom. It is really hard to make the decision since each of us have come out with different idea. Untill now, we still in progress of developing and creating our. Hopefully we will manage to finish the project by today since this is the last class before the break. We will upload later the proposal when we have completed the project. Till then, take care.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Class on 5th March

On 5th March, we are continue with our project. There are still several idea that we have to create the suitable robot for our project. One of the robot that we try to develop is 'Bump car with crawler'. But because of some problem that we face during the session of creating and making the robot, we decided to modify the robot and try other type of robot. Hopefully we will come out with some new good idea.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Attacking and defending robot on 12 Feb

On 12th Feb we were required to do a robot for attacking and defending. We spend about 3 hour to brainstorm and make the robot. We need to consider several thing that will need to make the robot can attack and defend other robot. At the end of the class, we make a small competition among the group in our class. Once again, we were not manage to be winner because other group have come out with some great idea. However, we were happy and we will improve more and understand better about the NXT mindstrom lego kit in order to complete our project

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Chosen theme:


mountain climber

final idea will be announce soon!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tug of war robot on 5 Feb

On 5th February, we are required to make a robot for simple tug of war competition. We need to compete other five group in our class. From the session, we realize that to win the competition we must make a robot with durability and strength. Although we are not manage to win the competition but we do have learn something which is our robot weakness that we should improve next time.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Session 2: Class on Saturday

As today is the replacement class for Chinese New Year holiday, we are continue with the session with Lego Mindstorm. Although it is Saturday, but because we are enjoy the class we don't mind to come on saturday ;-p.

During today session, we are exploring on how to use sensors and make the robot move while using the sensor. Firstly, we are exploring on how to make the robot follow the line and the sensor we are using is ultrasonic sensor and sound sensor.

robot with sound sensor